ag-Grid extended

ipyaggrid is designed to enable easy access to basic ag-Grid features but allows customization through a full access to the ag-Grid API.


This grid is very useful for data mangling with Pandas.

Basic aggrid usage:

from ozcore import core

Available themes:

  • ag-theme-balham

  • ag-theme-balham-dark

  • ag-theme-material

  • ag-theme-fresh

  • ag-theme-dark

  • ag-theme-blue

  • ag-theme-bootstrap

  • ag-theme-excel

Module aggrid

AG Grid python wrapper

class ozcore.core.aggrid.aggrid.Grid[source]

wrapper class for ipyaggrid

AG Grid integration with Jupyter Notebook


parameters for grid options

view(df, **kwargs)[source]

view a dataframe with AG Grid


df – Dataframe

Keyword Arguments
  • groupby – list|str, define fields to group by

  • enableSorting – bool, default True

  • enableFilter – bool, default True

  • enableColResize – bool, default True

  • enableRangeSelection – bool, default True

  • enableRangeHandle – bool, default True

  • quick_filter – bool, default True

  • show_toggle_edit – bool, default False

  • export_mode – str, default “disabled”

  • export_csv – bool, default False

  • export_excel – bool, default False

  • show_toggle_delete – bool, default False

  • keep_multiindex – bool, default False

  • index – bool, default False

  • theme – str, default ‘ag-theme-balham’

  • columns_fit – str, default ‘auto’


a dataframe displayed with AG Grid in a Jupyter Notebook